Italy @ NeXT

Celebrate the flavors of Italy @ NeXT

December 9th


DATE | December 9th
ARRIVAL | 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm 

Guests to this event are most welcome to arrive between  6:00 pm and 6:30 pm. For the safety of all our guest our team and your party,
upon arrival all guest will need to register in the front lobby for contact covid-19 tracing.

Once you are completely checked in, our team will take you to your reserved table.  At this stage you can remove your face mask ,
you will only need to wear it when moving about in the building.

Tables are by reservation and guest must maintain their circles during this dinner. To that end , menu will be presented at
your table and our servers will be pleased to take drinks and accommodate all your requests when you are sitting at your table.  Guests cannot table swap or seat swap.

COCKTAIL + AMUSE | 6:30 pm  to 6:45 pm

Now that you are seated take in our environment, music and menu, the team will give you time to settle in, order up a drink, review Chef’s menu.
Chef will be sending a amuse to your table to settle your palate and get everyone excited for a epic adventure to France!

DINNER | 6:45 pm


Need help call us at 613.836.8002 or email us at
Chef Blackie will welcome all and present the first course to the room. Each course represents a part of Chef Blackie’s travels in France
so lean a ear and listen to the stories he has to share from his travels over the years to this dynamic cornerstone cuisine of the world.


$90^ | per person 7 course menu

$30^ | Match three beverage flights *

*Please note we require pre-ordering of beverage flights at the time of booking .

CLick to Book your Table

Need help call us at 613.836.8002 or email us at


–  The Global Tables,The Series is limited to a maximum of 80 guests. When booking kindly note you will be prepaying for your evening.
– Cancellations cannot be accepted less than 7 business days, regardless of reason. A charge equal to the evening will be applied to each guest that no shows in your booking
–  Should the pandemic force NeXT to close down we will offer guests the option to either make the evening and “@home” offering, or change your booking to a future date.
–  Pricing is exclusive of tax 13% and 18% gratuity
–  The menu is an expression of the chef’s passion & craft, as such modifications to the menu or dietary restrictions cannot be accommodated
– * Menus will be available online 30 days prior to event dates
– ^ Discounted gift cards will not be accepted on these nights.