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1 x Toasted warm olive oil drenched baguette
roast garlic + white truffle labneh . pickled green tomato
1 x Poached hens egg + double smoked bacon salad
Watercress + arugula . lemon roast garlic anchovy balm
shaved asiago cheese . brioche crostini
2 x Smoked haddock chowder
Charred corn. Double smoked bacon . fingerling potatoes . milky roast garlic broth

1 x Chicken schnitzel
chèvre + sage gnocchi . sun-dried tomato + green olive butter
1 x Maple pecan crusted beef short rib
sun dried tomato butter slather . caper brown butter mash
1 x Sticky “Dark & Stormy“ braised pork belly
goat cheese creamy polenta wilted kale . pickled goji berries
1 x Beef-Rib eye 😉
dark miso butter slather . caper brown butter mash
1 x The filthy triple layer caramel milk chocolate blaster stacker
milk chocolate. torched mallow. maple sticky peanuts
1 x Cinnamon & sugar dusted appelflappens
Fleur de sel peanut caramel sauce . macerated strawberries
1 x Silken labneh lemon curd(2)
toasted graham cracker crumble . toasted mallow . berries

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A set menu for 4 people, 11 dishes in total  8 Savory + 3 Sweet to be shared

All orders are exclusive of tax and gratuity

Only valid for takeout/pickup, takeout orders cannot be consumed on site